Origins 9

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The man he called Al, and he made him from dust and unicorn tears. The man was hairy, like an ape, but not quite as hairy and clearly not at all related to apes, despite obvious similarities. Al posessed all the qualities that a man should have. The man was perfect, but he was alone. The Great Cube gave him a dog as a companion, and this made the man happy, for a while. The Cube gave the man a beautiful oasis to live in, filled with all the foods that would please him: pommagranites, melons, figs, seeded and seedless grapes. As well as juices and fresh water without bubbles. The man was still not satisfied. The Cube created the tasy creatures: pigs, goats, deer, otters, sheep, cows and rabbits. The Cube gave the man a magical lighter that he could use to build fires and roast the animal flesh. The man was now fat and happy, and he became very friendly with the sheep. The Cube saw that his creation was good, but the man had made quite a mess and did not clean up after himself. So, The Cube created woman.


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