Origins 12

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On the day of the revealing, Al and Peg were taking a long walk in the oasis (which was a garden). The Cube appeared to them in the form of an 45-year old man, who was well-dressed and fit and virile with a large gnarled staff. The Cube was dashing in his white robe, with flowing silver locks and his glory glowed radiantly. His skin was clearly white, yet he had a very dark tan as though he could afford to take long, island vacations. His breath smelled of wintergreen, and he was immaculately groomed.

Todd appeared before the couple and announced in a resounding baritone voice, “Hello, my name is Todd. The Creator. Ye shall fall to thine knees and worship me.” For effect, The Lord Todd pointed at a bush laden with figs and it burst into flames, roasting the figs and making them pungent. In addition, he was tall and his musculature and anatomical correctness was exaggerated sufficiently to give him a mythical appearance, despite there being no actual myths to speak of in those days. He hovered several inches off the ground and grasped his gnarled wooden staff firmly.

Both Al and Peg were aghast, and filled with questions, like, “Who did you say you were, again?” And, “Why did you burn that fig bush?” Yet, they felt quite impressed by his presence and fell to their knees and shook in fear and begged The Lord, Todd, not to smite them.

“Al, I have a challenge for thee,” The Lord Todd thus proclaimed. “As the sun shall rise and fall for a fortnight, thou shallt prove to be the master of thine domain.

“Todd further proclaimed, as means of explanation, “Ye shallt not touch thineself or be touched by thine woman, or I shallt most assuredly throw ye both from the oasis (which was a garden) into the desert to fend for thineselves.”

“Thine be my children, I could not smite thee. Ye are loved more than mine favorite wildebeast, and more than the great tree that is just over there a ways behind that outcropping of rocks,” spake Todd. “Prove ye are the master of thine domain, Al, and I shall keep ye in this oasis (which was a garden) forever, and ye shall never age, and ye shall always be close to my bosom.” The Lord Todd then disappeared, in an obligatory puff of smoke, and Al and Peg looked at one another, both dazed and confused.

“Woman,” said Al to his woman, Peg, “fetcheth me some oasis weed that I may ponder on this strange and wondrous happening.”

Peg wandered off to fetch the oasis weed, from the place where the oasis weed grew, and Al looked yonder in the direction of this tree The Lord seemed to be so impressed with. Al wondered why he’d never noticed such a resplendent and impressive tree before, and decided he should find what was so special about this tree.


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