Origins 11

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The Great Cube thought long and hard about revealing himself to Al and Peg. He knew that their bliss would only be multiplied if they could worship him. He decided to allow them to reproduce, so that there would be many humans to worship him. But, he knew that the oasis (which was a garden), would not be large enough for all these people and the temples they would build in His name, so he devised a contest that he knew Al could not refuse, yet could not win. He would need to manifest himself in a smaller and human-like form, with only one face, so he would not frighten the man and woman and the beasts that were abundant by his greatness and pointiness. He chose the form of man, yet he decided he should be somewhat taller and older and have long flowing white hair and a big staff made of gnarled wood. He would wear garments that he called clothing, which would cover his anatomical correctness, yet give every indication that he was much better endowed than Al. He knew that Al and Peg would be impressed if he could float on clouds, wearing clothing that was elegant, yet tasetful, as he waived his large staff and performed magical acts. Thus, he would convince them that he was their creator and they would be sure to worship him. Thus was the first part of his plan.


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