Origins 10

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Woman was created to be a companion to man, and to make him complete. Woman needs man, and man must have his mate; this no one can deny. Woman was also much tidier than man, and had an eye for decorating. The Cube called the first woman Peg, and was pleased with his creation. Peg would spend her days picking up after Al, and feeding him grapes (of the seedless kind, which he preferred) and slices of pomegranate by the fountain of life. The oasis was garden-like and large, and it was filled with happy creatures that were both pleasant to the eye and to the palette, especially when roasted over an open fire. The man and woman were happy, and lived a good life and explored their similarities and differences for hours at a time. The Great Cube saw that they were happy and realized they would be much happier if he made himself known, so he planned how he would reveal himself to them.


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